My new job and a move into Forex

Anyone that has followed my blog may have noticed I have kind of slacked off from any posts these past few months. Don’t worry I haven’t given up on the blog I just got really busy with a new job that I couldn’t pass up.

Anyone that knows me will know I’ve been doing a bit of affiliate marketing in the gambling niche and have been happily making a living like this for some years now. However, after being Google slapped by Penguin and Panda I’ve been jumping through hoops to satisfy Google. Eventually my passive incomes became less stable than they once were so with all the knowledge I’ve built up I decided to see if anyone was interested in what I had to offer. My search for work basically led me into discussions with some Forex companies as Cyprus (where I live) is a licensing jurisdiction for Forex brokers and I happen to live bang in the middle of the FX industry. So to cut a long story short what started out as a search for a bit of freelance work ended up landing me a full-time job as SEO Specialist for XGLOBAL Markets, which is a brokerage firm in the heart of Limassol.

I’ve been with the company several months now and I am glad to report that I love my new job, I work directly with some Forex veterans and its a refreshing change to be doing SEO in a new niche. I had massively underestimated the Forex industry in the past and I’m really glad I have been lucky enough to get into the business in this way. What I really like about FX is that there is so much to learn, so much to write about, the business revolves around the markets and live news so publishing opportunities are never ending. I’ve also developed a real fascination for financial trading recently but I know not to jump in too fast as apparently successful trading requires a lot of experience (and nerves of steel)!

So, I hope everyone will understand that for the foreseeable future I will not be in a position to take on new freelance work… sorry guys!